word herding

[wearily] Who’s in charge here?…if indeed anybody should be in charge. The words won’t do what I want them to. The writing is becoming nominal much too quickly; there seems to be a lack of revelling in the (verbal) process of writing. The words have lost the freedom of the hills. The fun and excitement have gone and we (the words and I, and, unfortunately, you the reader) seem to be trapped in a rigid process of ordering and prissying. The atmosphere has become turgid. Insipid. Stultifying.

Maybe the desire to write what I think I should be writing has overwhelmed the writing. Maybe the preconceptions have become all too convincing and the words are jumping immediately into a traditional frame of reference; the writing has been bypassed. It is a curious thing for sure. The sudden jolt between the thinking of the typhic quotidian and the thinking of the writing does not help…the transition takes time (and the reverse of the process happens later in the day, equally painfully). It seems to be the thinking equivalent of an ecotone but the integration is not a fruitful one (it is more like a worst of both worlds situation). The days press in on me and the words sense it; they become nervous, skittish and unhelpful. They will hide. How to find the hidden herd?

I should walk or run to set the words in flight from their hiding places, to get the words fluid again. But the amount of information I need to retain for this to be worthwhile is beyond my capacities. I need it to hand. Am I being lazy? You see the flight of the words is their writing but it is subtly managed. Not by them or by me; instead, we are constituted by the writing. It is a joy when it is working. It so rarely works.

The green of the park trees is becoming heavy and the housemartins are flying amongst them; flying low. There will be rain soon. Let us hope that it is a fresh, revitalising rain.

Some Y Glonc Occupants

1841 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Manafon > District 09

Jethro Hughes, 40, Shepherd (b. Montgomeryshire)
Ann Hughes, 35 (b. Montgomeryshire)
Mary Hughes, 13 (b. Montgomeryshire)
Ann Hughes, 12 (b. Montgomeryshire)
Thomas Hughes, 9 (b. Montgomeryshire)
Evan Hughes, 7 (b. Montgomeryshire)
Elizabeth Hughes, 5 (b. Montgomeryshire)
Margaret Hughes, 3 (b. Montgomeryshire)
N. K. Hughes, 3days (b. Montgomeryshire)

1851 > Wales > Montgomeryshire >

Currently untraceable. Y Glonc does not appear in Manafon or Dwyriw returns. The Hughes family are now listed at neighbouring Tyucha (Ty-Uchaf?) in Dwyriw > District 5d. It is probable that the property is empty.

1861 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Dwyrhiew > District 10*

William Breese, 56, Shepherd (b. Carno)
Elizabeth Breese, 29, Shepherd’s daughter (b. Carno)
Evan Evans, 12 (grandson) Shepherd (b. Llanwyddelan)
Elizabeth Breese, 8 (granddaughter) (b. Manafon)

1871 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Dolgyn and Felin > District 10

William Reay, 35, Shepherd (b. Thockrington, England)
Mary Reay, 30 (b. Belingham, England)
Anne Reay, 5 (b. Thockrington, England)
Jane Reay, 3 (b. Thockrington, England)
Elizabeth Reay, 6months (b. Manafon, Wales)

1881 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Manafon > District 10**


1891 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Llanllugan > District 05***

Thomas Davies, 35, Shepherd (b. Llanwyddelan) (Language spoken: Welsh)
Elizabeth Davies, 35, Dressmaker (b. Llanwnnog) (Language spoken: Welsh)
Mary Elizabeth Woodrey[?], niece, 15 (b. Llanidloes) (Language spoken: Welsh and English)

1901 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Llanllugan > District 09***

Thomas Davies, 46, Shepherd (b. Llanwyddelan)
Elizabeth Davies, 47 (b. Llanwnnog)

1911 > Wales > Montgomeryshire > Llanllugan > District 04***

Jeremiah Prichard, 48, Bugail [shepherd] (b. Trefaldwyn, Llanllugan)(Language spoken: y ddau [both])
Hannah Prichard, 41, (b. Trefaldwyn, Llanllugan)(Language spoken: Cymraeg)
Mary A. Prichard, 13, (b. Trefaldwyn, Llanllugan)(Language spoken: Cymraeg)
Catherine E.Prichard, 12, (b. Trefaldwyn, Llanllugan)(Language spoken: Cymraeg)
Martha S. L. Prichard, 5, (b. Trefaldwyn, Llanllugan)(Language spoken: Cymraeg)
David E. Prichard, 3, (b. Trefaldwyn, Llanllugan)(Language spoken: Cymraeg)

* the property name is recorded as ‘Glongc’.
** the property name is recorded as ‘Glonk’.
*** the property name is recorded as ‘Glonck’.