numb before

what a difference a day makes. Plus ça change. The vessel remains (I’ll let that reverberate for a while). It may have made a good ending but instead it has forced itself in near the beginning of this post. We must attend to this vessel. The vessel needs righting and through its writing it surely will be. But how to approach this holey vessel; this vessel full of holes. How can that be? The vessel isn’t riddled like a sieve or scuttled ship. It is completely full of holes. And before you ask, definitely holes and not wholes. You know me. I feel that I’ve asked this question before…

…sorry, the washing needed hanging out. It is a bright, sunny early winter’s day today and the washing may just dry before the sun drops behind the trees. I’d like to be out walking or running, out into the night, but my feet won’t allow it. The washing is out though (articles on a line) and I am back at the keyboard attending to my web to see what I might catch. That is one model anyway—build a framework and see what becomes entangled in it and sort the catch for viable items. There is an alert passiveness followed by a more involved process of selecting and fitting together. Let’s not be so passive. Let’s go at this…problem…thing…windmill. Let’s go hunting and see what we can catch. Here what we hunt may run away from us, we will need to learn some skills. Stalk our prey; let’s get a horse. I’m glad you came this way with me.

It’s all very bitty though. Have you noticed that? It is I or you or we chasing after these things. We here, they there. Distinct points (extended) in space. This is part of the problem. This thing we wait for or hunt is not a thing. Well, if it is a thing it is only so inasmuch as a will-o’-the-wisp is a thing (and that fire will only lead us fools into deep trouble). We need to relax a little. There is something to do with attunement here but that could also mislead us (and might wake one of the Germans (at least)). We could easily think that attunement is a form of tuning, as a piano is tuned a certain perfection is desired and indeed a rummage through its etymology leads us to attunement “bringing in to harmony”. Now, harmony is very comfortable, but soporifically so as it closes things down in its cosiness. We must be cautious of this attunement and harmony. We are close though.

Our harmony needs to be discordant. [a clattering of chairs and shuffle of many feet] Be careful with those words! There are many interested parties here who like to know what we are doing with their words. Let’s continue for we do not lack heart…although there is a disagreement. A jarring? A jarring vessel? A hollow laugh. Seen through hollow eyes. Why should it all work? It shouldn’t. It can’t. Let’s watch it break down into pathetic punning and mis-hearings…mis-readings…mis-takes. Break down or break up? Breaking up is the way of analysis. It is a loosening or releasing, as a ship may be unfastened from its moorings. We must write the vessel and let it loose. We must be brave (keep counsel) as our vessel is cast adrift under this new sun.

the vessel remains