Race Pace Elevation

race_pace_elevationLeft is the overlapped pace and elevation read-outs from my Garmin GPS after a cross-country race last weekend. Maybe this is the simplest way to see the binding-with-landscape that exertion unfolds.

Like reading a map, I read these charts and combine them with my memories of the race to call back the sapping effect that the big hill caused to my pace second time up or those drop-offs in pace early on caused by 700+ men squeezing through a narrow hedge gap. I’m pleased to see that there is some semblance of a finishing ‘sprint’ at the end there!

My interest here crosses with those old saws of ‘dig deep’ and ‘leaving everything out on the field/track/course’. We perhaps dig deep as the ‘depth’ of the topography increases. What is it we leave out there (excess?) on the course? We certainly take memories away.

I don’t want to get too hung up on the technology that was used above but it does perhaps stimulate a different way of thinking about things that could go forward but without ‘devices’ getting in the way.