struggling for time and motivation … half-heartedly struggling … half-hopedly. Seeking a grit to build on, a feature of some kind; something salvaged from the landscape of the local but exhibiting possibilities beyond the burden of ‘sense of place’ perhaps. It could have that too, if it so wishes … without a possibility of wishing. Probably. Pffft. Pit. PIT. pit. A tangle of uncertainties. The obligatory pour of agricultural rubbish (pit > dump … Stig?).
It’s a site of digging, of excavation; quicker then, quicker than the slow filling now. Can it sustain a fragment of practice?
With the advent of wood anemones at the pit’s erstwhile entrance it could inspire a quasi-historic descriptive text. But ‘pit’ … an etymological excavation? A small test pit of discovery perhaps amongst the ivy and brambles. Art historically maybe some kinship should be claimed with the subject matter of Crome; the geography is right and the feel of the place could become a “poem vibrating with life.” 1
But not for itself, as something else. A stepping off point, a point of departure but one which remains a point of reference even at the most seemingly pointless of times. A pointless pit. What is this ‘pit’? What can it do? Where will it go?

1. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Dictionary_of_National_Biography,1885-1900/Crome,_John(1768-1821)

an obscure walk


The origin of the word ‘crepuscular’ is ultimately uncertain. A relation to the Latin crepusculum is evident however, this word’s origin could be either ‘dusk, twilight’ or ‘uncertain, obscure’ … the certainty of which meaning came first is lost in a darkness of time. There is a rather pleasing third (but later) definition to add to the above: ‘imperfectly enlightened’. Obviously, given the relation to light, this third meaning could simply refer to a situation lacking sufficient illumination but, it could also suggest a lack of mental light; a state of being less well-informed. If enlightened there is apparently a lack of superstition. Maybe the fog of oncoming darkness can smother more than the sense of sight …