2 thoughts on “back from The Dragon’s Back

  1. oh gosh. That picture tells a lot. Swellings and such. I wonder, if the words to describe the feet would swell with the soft tissue…like the words and letters heaping on top of the foot like an extra word blister….how many days could you feel this afterwards?


    • Thanks for your comments Sabine!
      I’m still tired and hungry three weeks after the event but my feet have pretty much recovered, the swelling went down after about a week. The swelling is a fluid retention (wasn’t painful, just awkward to get shoes on) and maybe this could link in some ways to words being deposited, trickling down and settling after initial exertion. There was a reference to a document about pain in the papers you alerted me to—Scarry I think—I haven’t read it in full (yet) and am not sure that I fully agree with its direction but it may offer some useful material to work with. Thanks!


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