Upon the heath

[The sky is a monochrome bright grey. There is a wind from the north which finds its way in through the gaps in clothing and deters standing still. The land is relatively featureless and made up of drab ochres and browns. As we look the land tilts up slightly towards the horizon. There is little vegetation beyond a few balding remnants of heather. There is some activity in the distance—against the skyline. A sound of an individual digging in the soil with a shovel or spade, arhythmically punctuated by the sound of a pickaxe or mattock reaches down. From the right, a heavy, solid object is being slid across hard, frozen, gravelly ground. Preparations are taking place for an event of some kind. It is uncertain from this distance if the event is celebratory or one of mourning. In fact, it could be deduced that an event has already occurred and debris is being cleared away. A third figure is now just about apparent crouched down beside the excavator. But wait, the figure digging has found something…or somebody. Some body. A closer view will be needed to understand further.]

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