grave goods

were those words really born from anger (borne in frustration)? Did I release them; re-lease them as they surely were not my own, they were merely on loan to me (at a cost and I pass that cost on with interest)? But what is this cost? What is the currency? Whatever it is we must alter it.

I used those words but can they be re-used? Some of them simply appeared between me and the white screen that we know is colour-full. Some of the words were pulled in from their being seen. Those last were hands to hold; grave goods to get us through this latest turbulence. I nearly typewrote, “get us through to the other side,” but halted myself. Where would that have got us? Is there a nirvana to be found on the B-side? Through is not a good word for us, we should consider within instead.

I am running out of word-time now. Next time, I and you and we must go from here and see what we leave.

the vessel remains


Image source: Alex Gibson et al, “The Excavation of Two Cairns and Associated Features at Carneddau, Carno, Powys, 1989–90,” Archaeological Journal, 150, no.1 (1993): 1-45. doi: 10.1080/00665983.1993.11078053, 19.

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