Aaaaaaggghhh! soles

They tell me that I need to know what I want to say before I start writing. Strategists! What about being surprised by each word as it appears on the screen. Charmed by each letter as it forms on the page. Teased by syllables. Tricked by graphemes and led astray by the associated phonemes.

My feet hurt. I haven’t run now for five weeks and four days. The low-grade pain moves around my feet, both feet. It started in the right but has increased in the left, although some days the left is worse than the right (and vice versa), some days they both hurt equally…some days there is a slight calm; a hope. Then clamped down again. Tight through the arches, like walking on a marble at the heel. Hurting as much when sitting, in fact more so much of the time.

Walking helps to a certain extent (in small amounts); standing doesn’t. Some days I hobble about and others I seem to be able to walk at a good pace. But the thought of it takes over; makes me sick to the core on occasions. It takes over the mind. It’s the not knowing. I do calf stretches…that’s all I can do for now, but I should do more. Shall I swim? I’ve always had trouble with feet—I really can’t tell my anapest from my dactyl. It’s got something to do with rhythm…or lack of.


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