“a moderately attractive landscape with few features of note”


Esgair Cwmowen across Nant y Llyn Mawr from Mynydd Cerrigllwydion

“The site [Esgair Cwmowen] is within an upland landscape with well defined topography of ridges and valleys. There are fine, distant views from the higher land across the surrounding uplands and down the valley to the east to the lowland. Improvements for increased intensity of grazing have led to the opening up of formerly hedged fields and construction of tracks, and the nearby quarry and Mynydd Clogau wind farm detract from the sense of wildness and intrude on the visual quality. It is a moderately attractive landscape with few features of note and with potential for enhancement.”
Esgair Cwmowen Wind Farm: Non-Technical Summary. (2010). 1st ed. [PDF] Cardiff: WYG Planning & Design, 9. Available at: http://pennantwalters.co.uk/assets/projects/5/pdfs/Esgair 20Cwmowen 20Non 20Technical 20Summary.pdf Accessed 20 Jan. 2015.